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Diggs app för verifiering av vaccinationsbevis är öppen källkod. Det gör mig glad.

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Scammers are trying to sell "Tor Project Tokens." This scam has no relation to the Tor Project, and we are working to get rid of this account asap.

Stay safe!

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You know what would be *really* great? Federated @Wikipedia (using ActivityPub or a fork of it).

Yes. Federated wikipedia. Like mastodon but.. instead of a social media site, it's wikis.

Millions of articles spread out on different servers. All editable. Someone should do this!

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Today is Aaron Swartz birthday. Because of him, we have Creative Commons (development), Reddit (co-founder), Watchdog.net, Open Library, DeadDrop, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Demand Progress (co-founder), ThoughtWorks, and Tor2web.

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🔵 New Releases:,, and

This Tor stable release completely removes v2 Onion Service. Onion operators must upgrade to v3.

Alpha release: testing Congestion Control proposal and MiddleOnly Relay Flag.

Full changelog: forum.torproject.net/t/release

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Today we're launching the Tor Project's annual fundraising campaign.

The message is simple: privacy is a human right, and Tor helps millions of people around the world exercise that right.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your ongoing support makes Tor possible: donate.torproject.org

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Today is the first Global Encryption Day!

🔒 Encryption makes life safer. Without it, our banking details, personal conversations, medical history, and everything in between is on display.

Now is the time to #MakeTheSwitch to encrypted services (like Tor!)


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Nate Graham (developer and author of This Week in KDE), Aleix Pol (President of KDE), and Lydia Pintscher (Vice President) will be answering all your questions on Reddit live on Sunday, October 17th at 16:00 UTC. Don’t miss it!



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Just like email, the Fediverse is decentralised, so it is extremely difficult for anyone to ever buy it.

But there are also other reasons why decentralising makes sense for the Fediverse. Maybe the next most important reason is the ability to choose our own rules.

Each site (or "instance") on the Fediverse can decide its own rules for acceptable behaviour. This makes dispute resolution much more civilised, as people who disagree with an instance's rules can move to a different instance (or even start their own).

It also makes a lot more sense than having a massive megacorporation trying to make yes/no decisions on the entire world's disagreements.

Instances can also choose to block other instances. The worse an instance behaves, the more other instances will block it, until eventually the worst-behaved instances are just talking to themselves.

The Masto developers summed this all up well in their official video:


#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips #Mastodon

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Youth Hacking 4 Freedom: Coding Competition for teenagers about to start fsfe.org/news/2021/news-202109 via @fsfe

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Kom och träffa Piratpartiets partiledare Katarina Stensson! 🤩

👉Klockan 16 i Tantolunden i Stockholm.
(Vid dåligt väder så är vi i Zinkensdamms vandrarhem (caféet). 🌧🤗)

☕️Det blir enkla och avslappnade sammankomster, kom och ta en fika.

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Say hello to the Fairphone 4: Sustainable. Long-lasting. Fair. 📱🌿

Our most sustainable smartphone, now with 5G speed, 5-year warranty and electronic waste neutral. Check it out ➡️ : bit.ly/3uDv3Wx

#fairphone #fairphone4

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There is an ActivityPub/Fediverse plugin for Drupal by @swentel
It could enable lots of older projects to become part of the fediverse if installed. I would love to see some local libraries use it.

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

#ActivityPub for Drupal:

Issue tracker:

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