Getting vaccinated?


High risk due to age and preexisting conditions. The TX Lt. Gov., Dan Patrick, wants all the grandmas to die off as quickly as possible. Dan's a pretty old guy himself. DAN: YOU FIRST MOFO!!!

@BeachBleach from what I've read there's been millions of vaccinations and only a handful of allergic reactions, all of which were handled safely. I can't see any scenario where the vaccine poses a greater threat that the actual virus.

@johan In our country the health service is advising pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying-to-conceive women not to have the vaccine, so that rules a few of us out. Otherwise i would.

@GeorgiaMcGraw Sounds clever. I bet you'll get your chance eventually, though.

@hermanskledar I see. But now millions have been vaccinated without much trouble. Meanwhile thousands die every day from the actual virus, and countless get repercussions like loss of breath and smell that may be permanent. Can there be any doubt that the odds speak in favour of the vaccines?

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