Потрясающие снимки в статье моего любимого иноагента


it’s been pointed out many times before, but yes, it’s still quite incredible. 66 years ago today would be 1955. while many things have changed since then, nothing really beat this.

"The books were crystals with recorded contents. They can be read the aid of an opton, which was similar to a book but had only one page between the covers. At a touch, successive pages of the text appeared on it."
(Stanislaw Lem, "Return from the Stars")

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Сегодня Станиславу Лему исполнилось бы сто лет

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Finland has a hippie party called Crystal Party. kristallipuolue.fi/kuntavaalie a pity i cannot read what their platform is about (although i can guess…).

This Swedish king had creative solutions for working around getting bold…

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